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Through the Fire

The True Story of a
21st Century Job

By Author Pete Dechat

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They said he would not live. They said he would not see. They said he would not walk.

About The Author

Pete Dechat

"God is good - even when circumstances are not."

Pete Dechat is a 21 st Century Job. On July 10, 2007, a Nascar plane crashed into his neighbor’s home, killing a young mother and her son, and both pilot and passenger in the plane. The fuel tank broke loose from the plane, crashed into Pete’s home and exploded. His four-year- old daughter Gabi died. Pete got seriously burned trying to find and rescue her.

Pete was burned on 96% of his body. They said he would not live. They said he would not see. They said he would not walk. They were wrong.

He was comatose for five months, during which time his then-wife left him for another life partner.

The coma was induced to keep him from dying from the pain. The lead doctor said there was 132% chance that Pete would die. Those odds were figured by adding the 96% to his age, which was 36 at the time of the fire. The doctor said no one survives burns that extensive. They didn’t know Pete. He since married Judy and fathered a daughter, Beka, who is a delight.

Pete's story has inspired thousands of people in various countries.

People tell him how lucky he is to be alive. He knows different. “God brought me through the fire.” 

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Book Review...

 Pete  Dechat’s  story will  inspire and lift you up, I know it lifted me to  the place where my faith  shouted, “God can do anything”!


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